Tuesday, September 01, 2015

August 31: back on campus

Kendo: early morning suburi. As much as anything, I worked on concentration this morning; keeping as tightly focused as possible, not allowing my mind to wander, and full body awareness as I practiced my strikes.

Running: 6 miles. I'm back to campus running--outdoors, at least. When the cold weather arrives, I'll end up on the Wellness Center track, so I tend to avoid that option when possible. Today I ran the campus perimeter, a sidewalk run that nets approximately 1 1/4 mile per lap. It's not a bad run, and very familiar--I first started my exercise program to lose all that weight on this little lap back in 2004. It wasn't a bad run, just hot (the weather around here is turning hot and muggy for the week) and a bit slow.

Nutrition: back on campus means adjustments here, too; bringing my lunch (that's an economic decision, too), and trying to find reasonably healthy snack options.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Where I'm going, August 31-September 6

This week marks a boundary, of sorts, between the end of the summer break and the start of the new academic year at my university. As a professor I am of course super-busy this time of year: syllabi preparation, class scheduling, the usual rounds of meetings, workshops, and so on. It's actually one of my favorite times of the year; as a professor, it always feels like a new beginning, with fresh classes, students, etc. I really love my job, and I have no complaints.

Still, I must admit that it makes for a much more challenging fitness schedule. My kendo won't change much--early morning suburi, classes at Mudokwan on Tuesday--but my running is another story. I simply won't have the same time or flexibility in my choices of routes and scheduling. This is especially true this particular semester: I'm teaching an overload, which means not only more classes but a full schedule, Monday through Friday--no light days where my class schedule is concerned.

Again, I'm not complaining: every runner who also has a day job (meaning pretty much every runner) must balance running and job (not to mention family matters). I've designed a template for that very purpose, which fits within my teaching schedule. This will mean a lot of campus running, usually no running at all on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the necessity for weekend distance runs--but there it is.

So, for the coming week:

Kendo: morning suburi, every morning, and class on Tuesday.

Running: 50 miles, with a 20 mile diatance run.

Nutrition: same as always, at least for now.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Where I've been, August 24-30

Some week--and not really in a good way. Due to a great deal of activity at work, preparing for the new semester, I had to curtail my running and my kendo. I'm not complaining, really--I love my job. But the scheduling challenges I knew would be an issue were even more so than I thought.

Kendo: no class in the dojo, but some pretty decent home suburi. I'm making progress with the type of suburi my sensei suggested I focus my energies--sho-men with a slight lift of my right foot, and I think in the long run this will help me smooth out my kendo and better integrate my suburi and my kendo. So it wasn't a bad week.

Running: 30 miles. Pretty much the same story. I had planned for a much more ambitious training week, but in retrospect I probably should have bowed to the realities of my work schedule and built a rest week into my training plan. As it happened, the week built a rest in for me, whether I wanted one or not. And my running quality was actually quite good; according to my weekly Runtastic report, I averaged a 9.52 pace this week, bettering last week's 10:12 average by quite a bit.

Nutrition: I finished the week a bit over my calorie limit--always hate to see that happen--but I'm also finishing the week with my weight at the lower end of the spectrum, around 163. Could have been worse.

August 28-30: tough week

In retrospect, I probably should have seen this coming. I'm teaching an overload this coming semester, and my prep work has consequently doubled. I've spent a lot of long hours on campus and/or in front of a keyboard getting ready for the semester. This didn't totally derail my fitness and training plans, but it certainly made for an off week.

Kendo: not too horrible here. I managed suburi two days out of three, though I must admit my mind was a bit distracted with work and family matters.

Running: 9 miles. Yech. I could only manage a 6 miler in my neighborhood and a dinky little 3 miler on campus Saturday, between sessions of our freshman orientation program. Nothing at all Sunday, which was supposed to be a 20 miler. Definitely not good.

Nutrition: not too bad here, either. I had to steer clear of some less-than-healthy options at a banquet I attended (that pie looked darned good), and I was generally successful. My weight on Sunday was 163--not bad at all, actually.

Friday, August 28, 2015

August 27: last run at Potter's Bridge (for a while)

Kendo: morning suburi, with bokuto; everything but kata, which was interrupted. A pretty good session. I'm starting to feel a little smoother with the footwork.

Running: 9 miles. Probably my last run at Potter's Bridge, at least for a while. Class begin on Monday, and a very full teaching schedule will likely curb my ability to run anywhere but on campus. At any rate, it was a very nice run; 3 out-and-back loops on the park's 3 mile circuit. I also mt a very nice 60 year old man, a fellow runner, and we talked running, local marathons, etc.

Nutrition: ate out at Chili's this evening with my daughter, where we've been meeting on a weekly basis of late. We really need to find a different restaurant; while Chili's does have some healthy options in their "Lighter Fare" section, those options are a bit limited (how many times can you eat tilapia?) and the rest of their menu is seriously over the top in the calorie department. Eighteen hundred calories for a hamburger? Sheesh....

Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 26: a total off day

Nothing at all today. I usually take Wednesdays off from kendo anyway, but I had hoped to do some sort of run. Alas, it was not to be: very, very busy day at work, preparing for the new academic year. As for nutrition? Ugh. I blew the roof off my calorie limit.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 25: a bit overboard

Kendo: no class this evening, due to another long day of faculty sessions. I saw this coming, so at least I was able to do my usual morning suburi session.

Running: 12 miles. By any definition a very good running day, though I'll admit I probably went a bit overboard. I actually didn't think I'd get to run at all today, so when I had a fairly long lunch break during faculty sessions, I snuck in a little 4 mile run instead of a meal. But down into the evening I finally found some free time--too late for kendo, unfortunately--and went for another run in my neighborhood. I got a bit carried away and did 8 more miles.

Nutrition: pretty good day, though my meals were a bit irregular.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24: faculty sessions

Kendo: very good morning suburi (very early morning, actually; I awaoke at 3:00am, unable to sleep). I think I'm making some progress in my ability to focus and concentrate.

Running: off day. Pretty much my entire day was taken with faculty sessions and meetings, apropos of the approaching new academic year. No time for a run at all.

Nutrition: started the week on a bit a low note, several hundred calories over my limit. This pretty much always happens when I cannot run on a given day. I should be able to right the ship later in the week, when I can get some miles in and burn some calories.